The land of the stupid

Apr. 15, 2020

“But this wealth of information produced little or no insight.”
--- Stephen King

I don’t Facebook or any of that. But I do browse Reddit.

So, while I’ve mostly saved myself the temptation of enganging utter fucking morons in an online forum—or at the very least, abstracted my name from said engagements—it seems impossible to escape the sheer stupidity of the Facebook populace.

Have you ever browsed r/insanepeoplefacebook? Christ on a cross! The shit people are willing to say online is one thing, but attaching your name and photo to your public brain-fart? Fucking hell. A lot of this subreddit can be pure and simple fun, especially when you wade beyond all the “libtard slandering” and stupid political bullshit. But, mostly, it’s a deeply sad lens on our culture. And, likely some argumentative truth that we’re living in Mike Judge’s Idiocracy.

If that doesn’t do you in, hop on over to r/conspiracy or, as I like to call it, “Neckbeard Island.” If that subreddit doesn’t zap the zeal from your soul, you’re a more powerful primate than I. Or, perhaps you’re just impervious to 5G. This sub is a cesspool of basement-dwelling “intellectual” Chad’s. You leave this sub feeling absolutely the dumber for having been there. And yet, all the more curious as to how complete fucking idiots manage to maintain life on this exceedingly expensive planet.

The Internet is a vast void of empowering knowledge, and yet it seems that the collective We are as fucking dumb as ever.