On writing

May. 7, 2020

Of all the things that I do or that I am, at my core I am a storyteller; a writer.

That’s not to say I’m any good at it. I’m certainly not employed as such. In fact, I have never earned a dime from the craft.

However, I am a writer.

All writers have their own methods to their madness. I am no exception.

I have zero advice for aspiring or would-be writers beyond this: write.

If a schedule works for you, do it. If whimsy is more your style—call me family—then write when you feel like it. Keep a structured notebook. Or, don’t. Use a calendar, voice recorder, virtual assistant…use a piece of charcoal and square of toilet paper. Use whatever works for you, whatever your genius requires.

By all means, if stories besiege you, if characters keep you up at night, write them down. Be respectful of this gift, even when it feels like a curse.

Just write.