On Magick

May. 5, 2020

"You're already doing magick---you just don't know it."
--- Damien Echols

Rabbits out of hats. Busty ladies sawed asunder. A card you secretly selected appears in a friend’s purse. These are all examples of parlor magic. Sleight of hand. Simple tricks played on the eye. Or, as Arrested Development’s Gob puts it:

"Illusions, Michael. A trick is something a whore does for money...or candy."

We’re not talking about that. We’re talking about Magick.

Aleister Crowley is credited with coining the term Magick (magic with a “k”). And, he did so to differentiate the occult practice from the above parlor tricks. In his religion of Thelema, Crowley defines magick as “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”

In simpler terms, focusing your intention into thoughts that impact your actions, thus affecting the world around you.

Many forms of this ideology have made their way into paperbacks, documentaries, LA all-inclusive retreats, and TV talk show circuits. So, let’s not mince words here; there’s plenty of fly-by-night gurus looking to take your money. You could lose it on worse things though.

As Echols states in my opening quote, “You’re already doing magick…” Our minds are constantly evaluating, processing, conjuring, and ultimately, attracting things into our world. Ever known someone who’s always complaining about everything? Been that person? What if you stopped focusing on what’s going wrong and begin to appreciate what’s going right? Even if it’s the simplest of things. Even if it’s just that you survived.

Now certainly there’s more to magick than simply positive thinking. I’m not implying otherwise; volumes upon volumes exist on the subject. But, as Echols points out to us, we are already magicians of our own design whether we know—or accept—it.

If your Magickal path goes no further than intentional positive thinking you’ll find your life all the better for it.

You may certainly choose to explore further. But start here. Make it a habit. See where it takes you.